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Smooth Sounds of Santana recreates the look & sound of Carlos Santana by replicating the music, note by note, from the legendary early days to material from all eras of Santana's 30+ year history. From the 1969 hit Evil Ways to monster hit Smooth which is on the world renowned and 9 time Grammy winning CD Supernatural, as well as hits from Santana's most recent CD release All That I Am. Smooth Sounds of Santana performs music to satisfy Santana fans young and old.

All Hallows eve- type o negative tribute.

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Carlos posted an add on Facebook and made a flyer he posted at all the Guitar Center's in Houston in February 2018. He didn't get a response until August 2018. When he got a response from an established guitar player in Houston, Troy Cummins. Troy called Carlos up and said hey I’m interested in playing Type O Negative! They met at Lucky's Pub and started talking about doing this project and how much Type O Negative meant to them musically and personally. A few months went by and Troy (Guitars) and Carlos (Drums) rehearsed on their own hoping that the right person would step up and play the role of The Green Man - “Peter Steele”. Months went by again and nothing. Then, Troy mentioned, "Carlos man, I know a guy that would be interested in playing keyboards." Jeff Quiggle enters as Keyboardist. They rehearsed once and Jeff was THE GUY to fill that keyboard spot. Then we found a young man to play guitar (Gary Jimenez) because Troy was moving to fill the “Peter Steele’ spot. Gary’s was to audition some day later. Then Gary posted a video of him doing karaoke on Facebook singing a Type O Negative song- Love You To Death. When we saw this and the rest of the world saw it as well, we said this guy is Peter Steele reincarnated and then the Journey started and as of June 21st at the House of Blues Houston it was confirmed that “ All Hallows Eve “ was The Type O Negative tribute band.

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